Matterhorn Group AG

The company

As an economically successful, leading regional hotel and restaurant company, Matterhorn Group AG consistently creates added value with the aim of making an important contribution to the Zermatt experience of its international guests.

Matterhorn Group AG is committed to sustainability

The offers and the success of Matterhorn Group AG are based on an intact environment.
With its certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, Matterhorn Group AG has committed itself to protecting the environment and taking targeted measures to improve sustainability in important environmental areas, such as energy use, the conservation of natural resources, waste prevention and recycling, climate protection and the reduction of emissions. 

The ISO 14001:2015 standard defines precise requirements for environmental management systems that can be used to optimize environmental performance. Matterhorn Group AG’s environmental policy adheres to these binding requirements, enabling it to systematically manage and improve the environmental impact of all its business lines.

«Succeeding through a commitment to diversity.»



The restaurants operated by Matterhorn Group AG are in attractive locations in Zermatt and in the mountains around the village, and they all have a distinctive character.

Restaurants of Matterhorn Group AG