Environmental policy of the Matterhorn Group AG

Commitment to sustainability

Matterhorn Group AG is committed to sustainable development. By defining objectives across the entire value chain and implementing these objectives through suitable measures, we achieve an improved level of environmental sustainability in the following environmental sub-areas:

  • Energy use
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Waste prevention and recycling
  • Climate protection
  • Reduction of emissions
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This sustainability programme is designed not as yet another certification process, but with the intention of providing guidance for you as guests. At the same time, we want to create a movement in which the entire industry can get involved.

Valais Excellence

Valais excellence

The Valais excellence label recognises the best performing and most committed companies in the Valais ! The Valais excellence label was developed as a sign of recognition for companies that are managed according to the principle of sustainable development and continuous improvement.



With the Environmental Report 2021, we want to inform our customers, our business partners and the public about the goals and activities of the Matterhorn Group Ltd. for the protection of our environment.

Keeping the tradition alive

Matterhorn Group AG and the Citizens’ Community of Zermatt are committed to maintaining the traditional Alpine agriculture of the Zermatt mountains. A new Alpine cooperative has been managing the Stafelalp, located at the foot of the Matterhorn, since January 2019.

Focus in 2019

A clean environment forms the basis of all offers of Matterhorn Group AG – including excellent air quality. In 2019, improving air quality will be at the heart of our endeavors.

Environmental policy

The principles of our environmental policy are based on an awareness of our responsibility towards our unique nature and landscape, our built environment and our fellow humans and future generations.

Legal and agreed obligations

We adhere to statutory requirements and agreed environmental obligations, and we continuously review our activities to ensure compliance. If there is no statutory provision, we define our own standards.


Our employees are familiar with our environmental policy and objectives, and they understand the contribution that they are expected to make towards these objectives in their own areas. We raise the awareness of and train our employees with respect to environmentally friendly behaviour.

Resources and energy

Through the targeted management of electricity and fuel, we reduce our consumption of resources and our impact on the climate, thus helping to protect the environment. We promote the use of alternative, renewable and environmentally friendly energies.

Disposal / Recycling

We take account of the waste produced when selecting products. We manage and reduce operational waste and promote recycling over incineration.


We promote regional and sustainable product standards as well as offers and services with additional environmental benefits, thus creating added value for our guests, partners and employees.


We are committed to environmentally friendly and resource-efficient logistics. In this respect, we seek a balance between economic and environmental efficiency.

Suppliers, partners and contractors

When selecting suppliers, partners and contractors, we give preference to those who act in accordance with environmental rules and support our environmental policy. We review the environmental performance of suppliers and partners as part of an annual supplier and partner assessment.

Infrastructure / Sustainable building

When engaging in new construction or renovations, we adhere to environmental standards in terms of construction materials and energy. Environmental monitoring of construction projects in mountain areas is a matter of course for us.


We communicate our obligation to protect the environment and our environmental efforts to the public, our employees, our guests and our business partners.

ISO certificate 14001:2015

We maintain a system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 that allows us to continuously review, assess and improve our environmental efforts on the basis of key performance indicators.