Corporate organization

Mission, vision and guiding principles of Matterhorn Group AG


As an economically successful and leading regional hotel and restaurant company, we create consistent added value and thus make an important contribution to the Zermatt experience of our international customers.


Succeeding through a commitment to diversity.

Guiding principles

Ensure independence and continued viability of business

We generate an appropriate profit.

  • We achieve the long-term profitability that is necessary for investments and the reduction of debts as required for operations.
  • We have an equity ratio that is above the sector average.
  • We have sufficient liquidity to service any short-term payment obligations.

Focus on customers

The satisfaction of our customers is a key success factor.

  • We exceed the expectations of our customers. The concerns and questions of our customers always have priority and are therefore the focus of our work.
  • We base our high-quality service offer on the needs of our customers.
  • Because the individual needs of our customers depend on the length and purpose of their stay, we have tailored our marketing and sales activities optimally to our customer segments, allowing us to appeal more strongly to our customers and win them over with our service.

Focus on employees

Our employees are in direct contact with our customers, so their commitment is essential for our shared success.

  • Our customers appreciate the passion and joy that we display when working on their behalf.
  • Our service mentality and expertise lead the industry because we have the requisite specialist, sales and process knowledge and we undertake regular training.
  • We invest in a targeted and continuous manner in the expertise, development and satisfaction of our current and future employees.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to sustainable development.

By defining objectives across the entire value chain and implementing these objectives through suitable measures, we achieve an improved level of sustainability in the following areas:

  • Offers and services
  • Sustainable and future-oriented growth
  • Broad and long-term partnerships
  • Capacity for innovation
  • Responsible action 
  • Credibility
  • Energy use
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Waste prevention and recycling
  • Climate protection
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Working conditions