Sustainability on the Gornergrat

New life for the Matterhorn base camp

During the renovation of the Hörnlihütte in the summer of 2014, 25 metal tents were set up to provide temporary accommodations. The Matterhorn base camp thus offered space to 50 mountaineers every night of the summer season.

During planning, the idea was born to make long-term use of the metal tents. One of the tents was therefore moved to the Gornergrat in 2015, where it is regularly used for exhibitions. This summer, the Matterhorn Ladies exhibition takes place from 29 June to 27 October 2019 in the Gornergrat Shelter.

The shelter can be reached with the Gornergrat Bahn. It is located above the mountain station on the way to the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat.